Unveiled Secrets about Charmed Show


The late 90s and early 2000s were revolutionary for TV shows. These years gave us some of the greatest shows, including The Sopranos, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Wire, and Charmed. Charmed was among the most popular shows when it aired. However, the show has secrets you might not be aware of.

The secrets could be about the cast, producers, directors, or other members that make a show successful. In this article, we unveil all the secrets you need to know about Charmed by the showrunner Brad Kern.

The Book of Shadows Was Hand-Drawn

The three sisters in Charmed used the book of shadows to fight against evil. It is easy to assume that the book was just another ordinary prop, but it took a lot of work to make the book. Reports say it took three artists to manually draw and paint the book.

Only One Character Was in Every Episode

Normally, the main characters in a TV show appear in every episode. However, Piper Halliwell was the only character that appeared in every Charmed episode. Her sister Phoebe was a close second, as she appeared in only one episode. The actress who played Piper, Holly Marie Combs, also appeared as other characters in the same show, including P. Baxter, Cynda, Terra, and the Zen Master.

The Cast Claimed They Felt Mistreated by the Network

Despite giving us one of the most entertaining TV shows, some cast members claimed the network mistreated them. Rose McGowan, who played Paige Matthews in the show, described her experience on the network as soul-crushing. Another member of the cast, Holly Marie Combs, affirmed the words of McGowan when she said that WB did not treat them well and most did not even get farewell wishes or flowers.

Phoebe Halliwell Played another Actress in the Pilot Episode

It is hard to imagine Phoebe being played by any other actress other than Alyssa Milano, but that was almost what could have happened. Lori Rom initially portrayed Phoebe in an unaired pilot episode. However, Lori parted ways with Charmed after filming the pilot, and only then did Alyssa get the part.

Piper’s Pregnancy in the Show Was Real

In season 6, Piper Halliwell was pregnant. Normally, actresses just fake being pregnant to accompany the plot, but that was not true for Marie Combs. However, Combs was pregnant when they filmed season 5, and the pregnant character was only written because she was carrying a child. It was a fierce concern, but in the end, they convinced the network and studio to agree.

Charmed Only Had One Female Director

Charmed is written from a female-centric perspective, and the main characters are all ladies. It is easy to assume that the show was all female, but things on the ground differed. McGowan claimed one female director only directed them, and the rest were male.

Charmed is one of the most entertaining TV shows from the late 90s and early 2000s. However, the show has secrets you might not have heard of, including the fact that the cast felt mistreated by the network, and the book of shadows was hand drawn.

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