How to Stop a PC Virus Outbreak


Once the virus manages to slip through, that may be the end of a computer’s life. If it’s not life threatening, then it may incapacitate the PC temporarily, necessitating major cleansing and healing of affected areas.

Software viruses act similar to how physiological viruses affect the body. Thus, there can also be an outbreak. Before contamination leads to that, better learn how to stop a PC virus.

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Identifying the Culprit

The first step on how to stop a PC virus is to identify it. Viruses and malwares are two different things. Viruses are actually computer programs that reproduce themselves. In worse cases, they keep reproducing themselves until other computers are affected and the contamination pervades and gets out of hand. Malicious software or malwares, on the other hand, do npt reproduce themselves. They simply collect information, disrupt PC processes, or gain illegal PC access.

There are also Trojan horses and worms that destroy computers. Worms are after breaching securities. Once they succeed at penetrating through, they spread to other networks. Trojan horses look innocent but don’t be fooled by their harmless look. They have concealed malicious functions within them. Once they are ignored and they gain access, all hell breaks lose and PCs they infect begin to act up.

Both worms and Trojans are after system data and PC performance. Generally, it’s easy to see if a computer is affected because of obvious symptoms, like the PC units suddenly turning off by themselves, self-restarts, or very slow operation. But sometimes, the effects are not obvious at the start until the owner just finds that the unit doesn’t open or shows nothing but a blue screen.

Once the problem has been identified, the proper anti-virus software can be applied. There are updated anti-virus software that match the capacity of strong and recent viruses or malwares. Another method on how to stop a PC virus that has already infected a PC unit initially is to reformat the unit. A technician often does this for a minima fee. The contents of the unit are transferred to another storing place, checked and treated, and then the unit is applied with reformatting software. After the process, the files and contents are uploaded back into the CPU.


Another way how to stop a PC virus before it gains access into computers is to prevent them from doing so. The saying “prevention is better than cure” applies well to computers, too. And it’s easy to do: simply download an anti-virus downloadable, free or for a fee. A lot are available online. However, free ones are often not effective against recently created viruses and malwares because they are stronger and harder to deal with.

The sooner virus and malware problems are remedied, the more chances of preventing an outbreak that corrupts other computers in the same network. This is true with networked units in offices, shops, and schools. The more units in a network, the more chances of acquiring the problem which is often obtained online or through infected wares used into PC units.

Anti-Virus Virus?

Some experts are playing with the idea of getting rid of viruses also with viruses. These “benevolent” viruses are said to work like how an anti-flu vaccine works: if the flu virus is killed by another flu virus in the vaccine, in this case, PC viruses are to be exterminated with PC viruses. To learn more tips on how to prevent computer viruses visit this website:

But other experts oppose the idea, saying the mere fact that viruses are to be placed in infected computers can only mean one thing: more viruses added. And that can only aggravate virus and malware problems, they say. That would help launch a full blown outbreak.

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