How Hot Tubs Can Help You Lose Weight


Now that Christmas has been around again, lots of people will feel they have over-indulged when it comes to food and drink and will be considering how they are going to lose the excess weight. Of course the most obvious way is to cut down on the amount of calories you are consuming. If you are putting more calories into your body than are being burned, then its obvious you are going to put on weight so its going to be a good idea to reduce your portion size and think carefully about reducing the amount of high fat foods you are also eating each day.

How active you are also plays an important part in your weight loss programme. If you are sitting down all day then you are not going to burn as many calories as someone who is much more active or is on their feet all day. Walking to work or to the shops each day can be a great way to fit exercise into your day to day life and will not only make you feel fitter but will also help you reduce those extra pounds.

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One other way of helping weight loss, which you may not have considered, is to use a hot tub on a regular basis. According to a 1999 New England Journal of Medicine study, then people who participated in this activity lost around a pound a week. This may not seem a lot, but when you consider that the best way of keeping the weight off is to lose it slowly, then it’s worth taking a look at. Warm water is known to dilate blood vessels and improve circulation which in turn can help reduce the appearance of cellulite and as the body sweats in a hot tub, then this can potentially help you to lose “water weight”. Good news then in your pursuit of a slimmer body!

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