HCG Diet Dangers


Nowadays, people are extremely conscious of their weight. In fact, obese individuals are looking desperately for ways even beyond safe methods. Here are the dangers of HCG diet, which is appealing to the public at present.

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HCG intake and 500 Calorie diet are harmful:

Human body approximately needs 2,000 calories per day. At 500 calories, it will not meet the body’s daily caloric requirement. HCG stimulates the hypothalamus gland in consuming the body’s fat stores as a substitute energy source.  It aims to replace the energy coming from the food. Furthermore, the HCG diet developer claims to consume the remaining 1,500 calories from body fat. However, fat releases a toxin that is dangerous to the body.

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Listed below are the ill-effects of low calorie intake:

  • Headaches the first few days on the diet

This is the most shared reports. The main cause of these headaches is due to low sugar levels in the blood, not enough calorie intake, inadequate food intake, absence of vitamin supplement during the diet, etc.

  • Easy fatigability

Severe starvation causes the body not to function well.

  • Dizziness, reduced concentration and fainting

This is dangerous when driving and even not beneficial when at work since productivity is decreased.

  • Fast heart rate

HCG hormone assists in increasing metabolism, therefore; the heart is obligated to pump and beat faster to cope up with the body’s demands.

  • Irritability

Hunger causes bad moods.

  • Nausea

Resisting the body’s hunger and stomach adapting to lesser amount of food may result to nausea.

  • Constipation

The amount of fibers needed by the body is also greatly affected.  Individuals have considered taking a laxative which does not resolve the issue.

  • Electrolyte imbalances

Potassium, sodium and other important electrolytes needed by the body are found in food.

  • Gallstones

The fat is excreted through urine and feces.  However, constipation may hinder the body to excrete fat.  Therefore, fat builds up in the gallbladder that causes gallstones. This would require surgery to be removed.

  • Rebound weight gain

Taking HCG and going on one diet after another also reduces metabolism that causes fast weight gain.

  • Hair loss

The hair might start falling out caused by low protein intake.

Risky hormonal effect of HCG in your body:

  • Actual injection itself causes swelling, slight pain, and possible infection in the local site.

HCG is available in injection forms and may cause this side effect.

  • Get pregnant even easier

The FDA approved of the use of HCG — as a fertility drug.

  • As you lose weight, you feel as though you get cold more easily.

The fat traps body’s inner core temperature and acts as an insulator. Without fat, we are prone of uncomfortably low temperature.

  • Male breast enlargement

Human chorionic gonadotropin is a hormone that is produced within the placenta of a pregnant woman. A man prescribed with HCG can experience hormonal effects like a pregnant woman does.

  • Swelling, breast tenderness and fluid build-up

Also, you may seem, like you’re pregnant, even though you are not.

  • Blood clots, restlessness, leg cramps, depression and pulmonary embolism

These are the effects of HCG hormone intake that can be very fatal.

  • Ovarian hyper stimulation syndrome (OHSS)

It occurs when ovaries is hyper stimulated by hormones which can swell and leak fluid into the abdomen.

  • Expensive

A 23 to 40-day plan of hormone supply, consultation fees, and possible hospitalization due to serious side effects will cause a great deal of money.

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