Geiger Comic to Become TV Show; Tie-In Junkyard Joe Comic Book Wraps Up


The year 2023 offers fans of the Geoff Johns and Gary Frank series “Geiger” many exciting peeks into The Unnamed Universe. On October 20, 2022, Paramount Television Studios announced plans to adapt the graphic novel series for television with production beginning this year. The late fall also brought the first spinoff from the Geiger series, “Junkyard Joe.” Its fourth issue hits the stands on January 25, 2023.

TV Show Details

Although Paramount has yet to release the debut date, it has released many other details regarding the upcoming series. The studio plans to have the comic’s creators involved as executive producers with Mad Ghost’s Jamie Iracleanos. The comic’s writer, Johns, will author the pilot’s script and serve as showrunner. Two other executive producers, Kyle Laursen and Justin Simien will also work on the project.

So, who might you see in graphic novels and upcoming TV show? A few characters in The Unnamed Universe get more ink than others.

Our Hero, Tariq

“Geiger” examines the life of Tariq Geiger, husband, father, and radioactive apocalyptic superhero across time, beginning in 2050. Separated from his family as they enter their home’s fallout shelter, he’s exposed to high levels of radiation yet survives.

His Enemy Junkyard Joe

The Glowing Man remains by the entrance to the family’s shelter to protect it, drawing the ire of the King of Las Vegas and other enemies of goodness. The character Junkyard Joe becomes one of Geiger’s foes, but he didn’t begin his robotic existence as evil. Joe’s been re-programmed by the government to destroy Geiger.

Redcoat, the Immortal

Series fans also have another spin-off graphic novel coming their way this year. The Geiger creators will delve into the history and development of the immortal, Redcoat, first introduced to readers in the Geiger Giant issue.

The Unnamed Universe

This multitude of projects delivers on the promise of Mad Ghost/Image Comics leadership to grow The Unnamed Universe. The upcoming 2023 projects add significant knowledge to the ambitious project of Johns and Frank to create an interconnected world from scratch.

Unlike many comics today, Geiger doesn’t rely on existing comic worlds for its backdrop or characters. While The Justice League and X-Men grew throughout decades of writing and drawing – and writers and artists – the creators of Geiger aim to create everything quickly and with detail.

Non-Linear Timeline

Geiger’s timeline already spans multiple historical periods, including 1776, specifically the US war for independence from the United Kingdom and the Vietnam War. It also delves into two futuristic periods in 2030, when the Unnamed War begins, and in 2050, when Tariq’s family enters the fallout shelter.

Each era features its star villain or offers insight into a time when a current villain lived as a hero. That’s the case of Junkyard Joe, originally programmed for good, patriotism, honor, and honesty, and to defend the United States of America and her people at all costs. The Vietnam War story introduces heroic Joe, while the stories set in 2050 reveal how a government desperate for survival perverted its original programming.

Look for much more about Geiger and The Unnamed Universe in 2023. Fans await stories of the Widow, the King of Las Vegas, and other key characters.

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