Fab Closet Finds: Fashion Accessories and Other Secret Techniques


Using fashion accessories in many different ways is one of the easiest techniques to make you look like you own a large wardrobe than you actually do. By just adding a scarf, rotating shoes and subtracting a belt, you can pull of small closet into a bottomless clothing line.

However, if you have a “thing” (others might call it an obsession) for a certain type of accessory like bracelets, hats, purses, earrings that you can’t seem to get enough of? You must own up to it. Admit it. Then make use of those pieces as your fashion statement item.  It will make you stand out from the rest of the trend followers and give you a certain distinction.

Here are the basic rules you need to remember when accessorizing:

1. Each outfit should have only one attraction like shoes, necklace or even a belt. Don’t make accessories contest big against each other for attention.

2. If you fashion accessory is detailed, keep your outfit simple. Go with simple cutouts, simple colors and simple outline. It will provide the perfect setting for a sublime gorgeous piece.

3. You must keep your accessories in the same mood as your clothes. Like for example, don’t pair your vibrant summer dress with an evening clutch or a business suit with flip flops. Wear casual clothes with casual accessories, business outfits with business accessories or evening clothes with evening accessories. Or else you will look like a fashion victim and a mock for everyone.

With that in mind, you must take your signature accessory to the next level by wearing fashionable, conversation-generating pieces. Read on to know how to do it:

Go Vintage

Classic accessories from a dated generation can give you a sense of history and glamour. It can also help you save money as well as look stunning. If you want designer accessories, search for items from prior seasons in consignment or thrift shops or online stores like eBay. Flaunt your fashion taste by wearing designer’s collections from the 1930′s, 40′s, or 50′s.

Go Italian

Italy has long been known for its posh accessories since the Crusades. They have lovely evening bags, stunning shoes, expensive jewelry. If you can manage, use those few pieces or have them as birthday, Christmas or anniversary gifts. You can leave them to your trendy successor.

Go Low Profile

If all of your friends are striding around their Manolo Blahnik or Jimmy Choo while carrying their Louis Vuitton bags, try wearing pieces from a quality/low profile designer instead. You have to know that being fashionable is not about following the in thing, it’s about knowing how to put the pieces together to create a signature look for you.

Go Local

Don’t ignore the local artists. They often create beautiful pieces like opi colors but you have to know where to find them. Look and shop around local boutiques or craft shows in your area.

Fashion accessories are a great way to characterize your own style without hurting your wallet. Be sensible and know to make your own unique look. Before you know it, you have pulled off a fashionable trend with the favorite pieces you have been wanting for so long.

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