Customized Hip Hop Jewelry Fashion


Jewelry comes from the Latin word “jocale” and it is the most ancient way of body decoration. Jewelry has always been a symbol for one’s culture, religion, success, wealth, status in life and even arts. In ancient times bones, animal teeth, shells, wood, and stones are commonly used to design jewelry. Recently gems and stones are also popular among stylish and expensive jewelries. The trend of modern jewelry including customized hip hop jewelry started after World War II.

In the hip hop jewelry world, personalized and customized jewelry is always popular and in high demand. Custom hip hop jewelry is an expression of one personal style, taste and achievements in hip hop especially among rappers. Rap lyrics and jewelry fashion have been improvised to fit new trends and generations. In order to understand this type of custom jewelry we need to understand its origins. Rappers consider hip hop jewelry as a symbol of their success and fame. Plain jewelries are not enough if you are a rapper. You should be able to know the variety of customized and personalized styles and designs to complete your look.

In 1980s, jumbo dookie rope chains and iced pendants out became popular. New and trendy styles and designs are now common which include bling bling earrings and bracelets, chain belts and necklaces and skull and bone buckles. Nowadays, personalized dog tags are becoming popular as pendants because it can be very cheap and names can be engraved onto its surface. This is not mainly for show off or for fashion alone but this is a symbol for all the hard work, trials, and accomplishments of the owner.

The most important for customized hip hop jewelry is the pendant. You can see some hip hop stars using their names and aliases carved in their pendants and spelled out in expensive gems like diamonds. Pendants are usually the most important attraction among rappers when they perform on stage. This pendant is a symbol that is very significant in their lives.

Personalized hip hop jewelry can be very artistic, fashionable and attractive but they can also be very expensive. A jeweler needs a printer or an engraving machine to perfectly achieve the design requested. A jeweler will also need time to draw or sketch your preferred design before engraving or printing. Personalized hip hop jewelries are costly and time-consuming especially if owners want to put some silver, diamonds and metals on the pendant. The labor hours will include designing, molding or engraving, casting of the pendant and stone setting. These are the reasons why personalized hip hop jewelry can be very costly.

Custom hip hop jewelry is regarded as a very important way of expressing artistic techniques in hip hop. Although this kind of fashion might cost a lot, owners do not usually care about the price because the hard work, success and the significance behind this jewelry constitute to the overall meaning of wearing personalized hip hop jewelry.

Hip hop jewelry and fashion exploded in the 1980s when hip hop music was at its infancy. Reminisce of the 80s and flashbacks of Adidas track suits and fat rope dookie chains are likely to emerge. Back in the day hip hop fashion consisted of tracksuits, bomber jackets, bucket hats, fly kicks and other flashy attire. For more information, visit us at:

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