10 Things To Include on Your Bucket List When Traveling


1.) Motor biking in Ho Chi Min City, Vietnam

The buzz of attempting to navigate around Ho Chi Min City among 3.1 million other motorbikes isn’t for the faint hearted. But the hustle and bustle makes it the most thrilling experience that Vietnam can offer.

2.) Wild Camping in Dartmoor, England

Dartmoor is one of the most beautiful and wild of Britain’s national parks. Few things beat the magic of coming out from your tent, cooking up a bowl of porridge and watching sunrise from one of Dartmoor’s high peaks.

3.) Bungee Jump at the Macau Tower, China

Home to the world’s highest bungee jump, at 233 metres the AJ Hacket Macau tower is a delight for all of the adrenaline seekers out there. For the ultimate feeling of being intensely alive, this has to be something that tops the list.

4.) A Boat Cruise, Antarctica

If you’ve ever wanted to see whales, penguins and icebergs, you can take a boat cruise to the world’s greatest ice cathedral. With long days and cold temperatures, this will be an experience like no other.

5.) The summit of Stromboli, Italy

The feeling of sitting on a live, active volcano is intense! Trekking groups in Stromboli give you this unique experience. But watch out, the ground is hot.

6.) Oktoberfest, Germany

If you love beer, variety, tipsiness and stomping music, Oktoberfest is your calling. Running in Munich each October, Oktoberfest is the world’s biggest fair, attracting six million visitors each year.

7.) Running of the Bulls, Spain

Perhaps most dangerous is the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona. If you want to be chased down the street by lethal animals amongst a fearless crowd then this is for you.

8.) Cycling the Karakoram Highway, Pakistan

The Karakoram Highway must be one of the world’s greatest roads. With landscapes never anything less than spectacular, it’s always been a favorite for cycle tourers for those wanting a long and spectacular journey. To find out how long the Karakoram Highway is for cyclists, visit this website: https://www.ins78.com/

9.) Living in a Yurt, Lapland

It’s possible to stay in a Yurt even in the coldest winter months in Lapland. It is an amazing experience. Amongst the pine trees and husky dogs, you could catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights.

10.) Virgin Galactic, Space

To see the curvature of the Earth from space was a dream realised by many famous astronauts of the 20th century. Now, you can reserve your place on the Virgin Galactic for the ultimate bucket list experience.

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